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Who We Are

We are a consulting company to guide and lead existing or newly established firms of medium, small and micro scale in regards with the issues of expanding information base, developing investment alternatives, restructuring administrative/staff/ production patterns as well as of entering into new international markets. Being a newly established firm we, with our highly experienced expert network, hold the claim of mitigating the adverse conditions imposed on the SMEs by the covid-19 virus pandemic.
Our mission is to create the value together with our clients while supporting them in increasing the created value thus by giving service to them in regards with maintaining the right organizational/financial/ administrative structure while guiding them to new markets.
Perceiving our clients as our partners and close firends we can state our vision as: "value of your enterprise lies in the intensity of our mutual efforts".

What We Do

  • We aim to guide micro-enterprises and innovative ideas/procedures in the lines of establishing their trademarks, entering into new markets, finding investors and growing their sizes and activities

  • We help small and medium sized firms to restructure their productive/financial/administrative capacities and guide them in accessing the foreign markets.

  • We offer firms guidance related with incentives on investments, research and development, employment.

  • Related to the legislation on protection of personal data and application of the said legislation we help firms to put up the necessary internal systems and cope with the legislation.

  • We help finding the right real estate pieces/plants/firms/enterprises and means of investment in Turkey for foreign country real/legal person citizens who seek Turkish citizenship as well as conducting the procedures to this end on their behalf here in Turkey.

  • We give consultancy in finding and assessing the options to those investors/firms/enterprises seeking productive/efficient/profitable investment opportunities.

Our Services

Mentorship for Micro/Small Scale Enterprises

Providing mentorship services for micro/small scale enterprises, be them newly founded or already existing, in regards with assessing their investments, application for financial incentives, determining the product set, production planning, financial/personnel structuring.

Foreign Trade Consultancy

Providing consultancy services in establishing new Foreign Trade Department, educating new personnel for this department and accessing foreign markets for those companies which lack a foreign trade department; assisting in reaching new foreign markets for those companies which already have foreign trade department.

Consultancy on State Incentives

We offer consultancy services to entrepreneurs in exploring, applying, monitoring and closing phases in investment/R&D/employment incentive schemes.

Investment Opportunities Consultancy

For Turkish national investors seeking/finding profitable commercial venture, investment, enterprise, operation, real estate opportunities. Providing similar services for foreign real/legal persons who aim to get Turkish citizenship by way of investing in Turkey.

Consultancy on Personal Data Protection

We organize and implement the necessities related with the Personal Data Protection Law.

Consultancy on Turkish Citizenship

We offer guidance to those foreign nationals in acquiring citizenship via real estate purchase or owning an existing enterprise.


MKKM Consulting Ltd. bears the sole foreign trade consultancy representation rights over the world markets of ELCOM Engineering Electronics and Medical Ltd.

MKKM Consulting Ltd. bears the sole foreign trade consultancy representation rights over Scandinavia Region (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland) for MEDIREVO Inc., the first company to produce welness products containing boron and cannabis

Our firm, regarding its activities in the field of Protection of Personal Information and Data Applications, is the representative of the WICASA GROUP, which is the first and the biggest Integrated Customer Communication Agency that creates valuable solutions focusing on CRM, SCRM, Customer Strategies, Digital & Direct Marketing since 2003.

Our firm provides investment and foreign sales consultancy services to the micro entreprise called "SADEhandmade" which produces chic handmade bags.


Headquarters: Sogutozu Cad. Koc Towers No.2 A Block No.9 Sogutozu Distr. Cankaya 06530 Ankara/TURKEY

Branch: Bahcesehir 2. Region Distr. Funda 03 06 E11 Block No.17 Basaksehir 34538 Istanbul/TURKEY

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